Grievance Policy

It is the policy of Tampa Bay Thrives to handle complaints and grievances quickly and effectively with the aim toward resolution to the extent possible.

Relevant Background and Definitions

A grievance about Tampa Bay Thrives or its subcontractors’ contact centers can include, but is not limited to, any complaint about inaccurate information provided, phone system issues, or the behavior or perceived manner of a counselor or peer support specialist. While some complaints can be immediately addressed by the counselor or peer support specialist, any individual who wishes to file a formal complaint will be offered the opportunity to discuss their concerns with a supervisor or report his/her experience in writing. If the complaint is about the referrals given and is limited to inaccurate information (such as a wrong phone number, long waiting list, insurance coverage limitations etc.), accurate information available will be offered to the caller or chat/text visitor, with the assurance that will update records as appropriate.


For consumer to file a grievance:

  1. Notify any staff member of your complaint. If you prefer, you may call Vibrant Emotional Health’s anonymous grievance line at 1-866-364-3762.
  2. Within two weeks of your complaint, we will invite you to a meeting to discuss it
  3. We will give you a written response within 48 hours of that meeting
  4. If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal to the President/CEO of Tampa Bay Thrives. She will make a decision within seven days
  5. We will review all complaints and appeals promptly
  6. We will not punish you for filing a grievance. If you feel that we are treating you unfairly after filing a grievance, please call 844-828-9355.