Breathing with Syd: Bee Humming Breath

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The Brahmari Pranayama breath or Bee humming breath comes from Pranayama techniques described in Hatha Yoga. It is a great technique to practice when feeling angry and need a quick way to calm down. It is also great to quiet the mind before sleep. 

Place thumbs on cartilage between the ear and cheek and press gently. Take the rest of the fingers and place them over the eyes or rest gently on the head. You will make the bee humming sound on the out breath separating the teeth but with the lips closed. We breathe in through the nose and on our exhale make the sound, going as long as you can. If the throat feels itchy, you’re doing it right! Repeat 5-10 times, really concentrating on the steady long exhalation with the hummm. Rest for a minute to evaluate how you feel. 

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Tampa Bay Thrives

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