Let’s chat about breathwork and other somatic tools to support our mental health. In this video, Syd Rhodes talks about the awareness around our breathing and shares a quick personal story and how breathwork can benefit us.

If taking action to support your mental health feels overwhelming, we invite you to take one deep breath. Most people are breathing from the upper portion of their lungs. This shallow breath sends signals to the nervous system that we are under distress. By stopping, noticing and taking a deep breath, we can calm the body and bring clarity to the mind. This simple practice can be the bridge to getting that screening done or scheduling some self-care. We hope you will watch and join Syd this month on bringing further awareness to our breath!

Click the video below:


Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives is an innovative nonprofit helping people in the Tampa Bay area better address mental health and substance use issues.

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