Breathing with Syd: Lion’s Breath

Let’s do a fun exercise called the Lion’s Breath.

This technique helps give us a boost of energy when we’re feeling fatigued or lethargic. It’s also great to relieve nerves or built-up tension when we feel nervous. It additionally brings awareness to tension we’re holding in our facial muscles!

Spread the fingers nice and wide and hold them up by your sides or in your lap. Breathing in through the nose we then stick our tongues out and exhale with the expression of “HA” nice and loud. Repeat as needed and have some fun with this one!


Syd Lions Breath.mp4 from Tampa Bay Thrives on Vimeo.

Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives is an innovative nonprofit helping people in the Tampa Bay area better address mental health and substance use issues.

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