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Explore a local park. Research from the Mental Health Foundation highlights the correlation between nature connectedness and improved mental well-being, including reduced depression and anxiety. Visit one of the many parks across Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, and Pinellas Counties to foster a deeper connection with nature.

Practice Mindfulness. Try this mindfulness exercise from the World Wildlife Fund while sitting under your favorite tree, walking your dog, or listening to bird sounds.

Take Action for Nature. Mayo Clinic affirms that volunteering decreases stress and amplifies feelings of positivity and relaxation by stimulating dopamine release. Sign up for volunteering opportunities with organizations like Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful or Suncoast Sierra Club to actively contribute to environmental preservation while nurturing your mental wellness.

Try Green Exercise. Trade the gym for the boundless expanse of nature and move your workout outdoors. Green exercise encompasses activities like walks in local parks, cycling through scenic routes, nurturing green spaces through gardening, and more.

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