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Welcome to May and the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we’re focused on prioritizing mental health every month, but May is a time when we get to shout it from the rooftops! Our goal is to support Tampa Bayers like you as you navigate your mental health journey, support your loved ones, and work towards opening up conversations that break down the stigma surrounding mental health daily. Today, we want to step back and talk about exactly those things: 

  • Prioritizing Your Mental Health: You know that saying about putting your oxygen mask on first? It’s crucial to prioritize your own mental wellness, which is the foundation of any other work you do to support loved ones or broader systemic change. This means recognizing the signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and other challenges and taking proactive steps to address them. Whether it’s practicing self-care activities like meditation, exercise, or something more structured like speaking with a therapist, each action adds up to create a personalized net of support. Not sure where to get started? Check out our curated list of resources to support mental health here.
  • Supporting Loved Ones: We’re all in this together, and having a strong community of support can greatly improve your quality of life. You can be proactive about supporting your loved ones by checking in with friends, family members, and colleagues regularly to see how they’re doing and helping them to find the support and resources they need. Mental Health America has a thoughtful guide on how to start the conversation. You can create a safe space for open and honest conversations about mental health, where your people feel heard and supported without judgment.  
  • Breaking Down Stigma: To piggyback on our last point, breaking down the stigma around mental health starts with open conversations and increased awareness. Talk openly (if you feel comfortable doing so!) about mental health in your communities, workplaces, and social circles. Share your own experiences, challenges, and successes through initiatives like our If You Know, You Know campaign, which amplifies the mental health journeys of fellow Tampa Bayer community members. 

As we kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s remember that mental health matters not just in May but every day. Together, we can prioritize mental wellness, support each other, and work towards a stigma-free world where every one of us feels empowered to seek help and live our best lives. If you need help finding resources to support your journey, just dial 844-YOU-OKAY to reach our free, confidential support line for Tampa Bay. We’ll be back in your inbox later this month with more Mental Health Awareness Month goodness. Thank you for being such an important part of the work that we do. 


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