August 2022 Toolkit: A roundup of resources about friendships from around the web

Your friends are more important than you think. In a conversation Greater Good author Lydia Denworth, she explains why we need our friends and how to keep those connections strong — even in a pandemic.

Do you want to be a better friend? This New York Times article shares tips like sharing, showing up, and being consistent, to help you become a better friend.

They say that having the courage to open up more is at the root of all meaningful relationships. This includes friendships. In her book Daring Greatly How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, author Brené Brown helps us see that vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center, of meaningful human experiences.

Not everyone is a social butterfly. And the pandemic certainly didn’t help. Here are 10 tips for those of us on the shyer side to make friends.

And a mental illness diagnosis doesn’t mean an end to friendships. According to NAMI, it’s important to dispel the internalized stereotype that your relationships will suffer because of your mental illness. Friendships can flourish despite a diagnosis. Here are some ways to work through issues that might come up over time.

Don’t know where to begin? Call our Let’s Talk support line at 844-YOU-OKAY. It’s free and confidential, and available 24/7.

Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives

Tampa Bay Thrives is an innovative nonprofit helping people in the Tampa Bay area better address mental health and substance use issues.

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