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Breathness with Syd: Buteyko Method

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The Buteyko method was created by a Ukrainian doctor originally to assist in asthma and panic attacks. It’s now used to normalize healthy breathing. It uses “air hunger” to help breathe more gently and slowly through your nose. In a seated position, elongate your spine and start taking longer breaths in/out of your nose. Do a quick check in, if getting still causes more stress, please do some movement or shaking of the arms to release energy and come back to the exercise. Take slow and gentle inhales and exhales and you’re going to pause at the end of your next exhale. Stay and wait until you feel the “air hunger”. Gently release the hold and take a slow controlled breath in, trying not to gasp. Breathe normally for 10 breaths and repeat 3-5 times.


Tampa Bay Thrives

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